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We have a pretty rich history which has some chart-topping moments. On this page you’ll meet the team and catch up on who we are and where we came from.

Meet Our Team

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Courtney Cragg

Founder Member

Sound Engineer

Courtney qualified as a Sound Engineer at the Academy of Sound Engineering in 2011 (ASE dipl. studio recordings) and has been involved in Red Ark Studios since its inception 12 years ago as a founder member. Courtney has a passion for both live sound for bands and corporate events as well as recording and producing music in her studio.

Courtney studied music at Tshwane University of Technology and obtained her degree in Music (BTech Jazz and Popular Music) specialising in Bass guitar in 2015.
She is a proficient musician and has performed as a session musician and band member in many bands and ensembles since she was 16.

Kyle Black

Founder Member

Stage and Lighting Technician

Kyle has been involved in stage, lighting and technical assistance in music for 12 years and has been a founder member of Red Ark Studios since 2011.

Kyle specialises in stage, lighting and sound rigging for outdoor music and corporate events for Red Ark Studios as well as sound and lighting installations for companies and churches.

Greg Cragg


Greg is the founder member of Red Ark Studios. Greg has been managing and promoting bands and events since 1974. His management style has always promoted and encouraged originality and song writing.
The bands that he has managed and toured with have had numerous No. 1 hits and included “The Helicopters”, Mango Groove, E-void, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse and many others.
Greg was one of the founder members of Power Promotions which along with Radio 5 and Standard Bank pioneered South African music in the 1980s. They secured the largest music sponsorship in SA history, when they organised and promoted the Standard Bank/Radio 5 Roadshow. They went on to manage and promote various rock concerts throughout South Africa.
After leaving the industry for a while, Greg has returned to set up and establish Red Ark Studios cc a boutique music company that specialises in studio recordings, sound, stage and lighting hire for live events and management of artists and events which he and his team concentrate on and dedicate quality time to.

Dynamic beginnings

The history of Red Ark Studios

Greg Cragg was one of the pioneers of South African music in the 1980s.  His first band, The Helicopters, became one of South Africa’s top bands.  Under his management they signed a contract with WEA records and their first single “Mysteries and Jealousies” went to No. 1 knocking Michael Jackson off the SA charts.

This was during the peak of the apartheid era when boycotts and embargos left South African musicians largely isolated from the rest of the world and Greg along with Dave Shackleton and Andy Whitehead started a company known as Power Promotions to promote South African music.

P ower Promotions brokered one of the largest sponsorship deals with Standard Bank and Radio 5.  This developed into a series of national roadshows, known as the Standard Bank /Radio 5 Roadshows showcasing the best of South African music.

These tours gave South African audiences their first taste of the different genres of music produced in this country in spectacular rock concert settings featuring artists like PJ Powers and Hotline, Zia, Evoid, Mango Groove, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, The Helicopters, Zia, Petit Cheval and many more bands in performances that were visually and musically unsurpassed.

This was followed…

by the Standard Bank/Radio 5 Summer Rave roadshow featuring two of the most exciting and successful bands at the time, The Helicopters and Mango Groove whose huge successes were highlighted on TV and featured in all the major press releases in the country.

The Helicopters’ album “In the Flesh” was acclaimed as one the best locally produced albums and they were reputed to have the biggest fan base in the country.

Mango Groove were establishing themselves as a major new band and their song “Move Up” reached No.1 on two different charts in one month.  Mango Groove continues to perform and enjoy recognition for their music today.

After leaving the Music Industry for a while, Greg teamed up with his daughter, Courtney and her bands and began managing, training and sharing his vast experience in the music industry with them and other local bands.

Greg formed Ark Music and in December 2009 embarked on a ground breaking Christian tour known as the “Call to Arms” Tour that went from Heidelberg to Kimberley then the KZN South Coast featuring local bands.  This was followed by a second tour in 2010.  Surrounded by talented young Christian musicians, sound engineers and technicians, Ark Music produced many albums and a children’s DVD for the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup in SA.

Greg founded Red Ark Studios cc in 2011 and has since built a recording studio and formed a multifaceted boutique music company along with two of the founding members Courtney Cragg and Kyle Black.

The End.