As Red Ark Studios we are a ministry of creatives that facilitate the creation, recording, staging, training and performance of praise and worship music. Below you can see all of the creative areas we get involved in.

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Assisting artists with the process of composing music and writing lyrics crafted to praise God.


We provide the facilities to record heartfelt songs that touch the lives of people around the world, striving to impact their everyday lives and how they respond to God on a daily basis.


We equip the church with staging, lighting, sound equipment and technicians through excellence in praise and worship.

Live performance

As creatives we strive to take praise and worship to the people, by changing the atmosphere to one of reverence, respect and thankfulness, while retaining the elements of joy, wonder and celebration.


We treasure worship and share that gift with others, by training, equipping and empowering musicians and technicians to make a difference in their church.

Mission Statement

Through our deep love of music, we aim to draw people closer to God. We treasure music and worship and share that gift with others.